Evolution Technology
Our WebSite is dedicated to those who use Evolution Technology applications and want to find out more about them.
Don't forget to use our Forum for any problems you encounter while using our products.

Note: Our applications are developed with .NET languages and require Microsoft .NET Framework to run.

Latest News

10.02.08 *EvoKeys 0.2 (Build 703) available* - Finaly, EvoKeys version 0.2 has a stable version. It has a better interface then version 0.1 and more features.

20.01.08 *New Web Design* - Our WebSite has now a new design, that will change in time. We intend to include some styles that can be changed by visitors and some VB.NET tutorials. We also try to host applications created by other developers. So if you have an application that you want to host it on our WebSite, please contact us.

08.11.07 *New Forum* - We are happy to present our new forum which has a better structure.

07.11.07 *EvoKeys 0.2 Beta (Build 682) available* - Sorry for waiting, but the Beta version is ready. It has some new things and I hope this Beta version is the same as the 0.1 one which didn't had any problems when the release version came. But we have a problem, we don't have any translations so we are asking you to contact us in case you want to help. Don't forget to report any bugs you find on our forum.

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